Clergy members of all faiths, youth, advocates, and Oregonians who are gun owners and non-gun owners have come together to promote safety in our schools, our streets, and throughout our country. The coalition, "Lift Every Voice," proposes two steps to make Oregon a safer place for all residents. The first is to ensure that semiautomatic weapons and large capacity magazines are registered by responsible gun owners. The second step is to prohibit the future sale of these weapons and magazines in Oregon.

We have filed Initiative 43 as a ballot initiative for the November 2018 election. Initiative 43 would prohibit the future sale or transfer of semiautomatic rifles and high-capacity magazines. Any such weapons that are lawfully owned at the time the Act becomes effective must, within 120 days, be registered with the state, sold to a dealer or out of state, permanently disabled or given to law enforcement for disposal. The same safety measures will be applied to large-capacity magazines, defined as a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds. 

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